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Now offering comprehensive testing for a variety of conditions through the Vibrant America laboratories. The laboratories at Vibrant America have developed new testing methods that reduce the rate of false positives and paint a more accurate picture of what is going on inside your body. This allows for quicker diagnosis and development of a treatment plan for the patient. Quicker and more accurate testing such as this leads to better long-term patient outcomes. See the list below for more information on which tests are available.

  • Wheat Zoomer
  • Neural Zoomer
  • Gut Zoomer
  • Food sensitivity
  • Micronutrients
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Wheat Zoomer

The Wheat Zoomer is by far our most popular test. It is the most comprehensive and sensitive assessment of gluten and wheat sensitivity, the earliest and most sensitive detection of celiac available, and the most thorough assessment of intestinal barrier stability. With Vibrant’s 3Dense technology, it is the only highly sensitive peptide-based array able to test for reactivity to over 33,000 peptides in wheat and gluten.

By testing at the peptide level, we eliminate the common drawbacks of other food sensitivity tests that are confounded by water-soluble protein limitations, whole protein or extract cross-reactivity, and cooked vs raw effects on proteolysis.

Neural Zoomer

Our Neural Zoomer has two options. One looks at 16 different markers and the other (the Neural Zoomer Plus) looks at 55 different markers.

The Neural Zoomer Plus looks at markers directly related to Dementia, PANDAS, Alzheimer’s, and Parkinson’s.

Gut Zoomer

Examining the entire ecosystem in the human gut can be challenging, but Vibrant Wellness has created a test that can measure hundreds of species of microbes at once, alongside functional markers of digestion and inflammation- providing the most comprehensive digestive health test on the market. With over 170 species of bacteria measured, the Gut Zoomer can aid advanced practitioners in detecting root causes of acute or chronic illness that stem from the gastrointestinal tract, with correlations to disease states and health risks to guide primary and secondary interventions.

The Gut Zoomer also includes a robust panel of pathogenic bacteria, yeast, viruses, and parasites that are known to cause serious health concerns in humans.

Food sensitivity

Our Food Sensitivity testing takes a look at the protein levels of 96 of the most commonly consumed foods in the US in Profile 1 and 86 additional foods in Profile 2. These tests analyze both IgG and IgA for a complete picture of your body’s delayed response to different foods.

We can combine Profile 1+ Profile 2 to create the “Complete Food Profile” which is 210 foods+ 57 food additives.


This test is the only test on the market that looks at both intra and extracellular levels. It takes a comprehensive look at WBCs, RBCs, and plasma levels, analyzing all 5 types of white blood cells. We use mass spectrometry, which is the gold standard for micronutrient testing, to look at 40 different micronutrients. Vibrant Micronutrients is the only test on the market to measure direct levels of extra- and intracellular micronutrients, giving advanced providers the most complete and accurate picture of a patient’s micronutrient status. Mass spectrometry provides the highest accuracy of direct measures of micronutrients in serum and within cells. Treating complex diseases and conditions requires the most comprehensive tests to assess all facets of a patient’s risk and health profile. Assessing absorption of nutrients at both the gastrointestinal barrier and cellular membrane by measuring extra- and intracellular levels is the only way to objectively determine root causes of malnutrition and inflammation.

This holistic view of nutrient status can aid providers in differentiating between dietary, genetic, and other factors that impair nutrient metabolism or absorption.

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